Click for how we figure the ratingsAfter receiving numerous emails scolding me for not yet reviewing Just in Thyme, I ventured back out onto The Forgotten Mile a few times to refresh my memories of the place. On one of our visits we sat at the bar (you can get the full menu there), and the friendly bartender took care of things quite efficiently. Keep in mind that the bar has a TV in it, and bar patrons often "get into" the shows or sports events, so if you are looking for a more formal dining experience, their huge dining room is quiet and pleasantly "beachy."

Well, enough chit-chat. The fresh salads are served in deep wooden bowls and definitely fulfill the need for that "big salad." I started with the Greek Salad, topped with mild Feta cheese (I prefer the saltier variety, but that's just me) and teeming with Greek olives (without pits, thank you!). The dressing allowed the delicate crunch of the romaine and the fresh bitterness of the mesclun to shine through (on their menu they spell it "mescaline" which is actually a psychedelic drug known also as peyote. But don't get excited. It's just mesclun leaves and you shouldn't suffer any long-term hallucinations). Nibbling companions also had the Spinach Salad with a warm and not-too-oily bacon dressing, complete with the obligatory hard-boiled egg. The tossed Field Greens salad was straight-ahead, topped with Bleu Cheese and a nice Italian dressing. Over our several visits, appetizers included the Baked Brie Almondine. I have to elaborate on this: Though fairly typical in its preparation and presentaiton, the baked brie has a major exclamation point: a sticky but delicious drizzle of honey amaretto! It has a taste all its own, blending perfectly with the thin slices of apple, the big grapes and the soft brie layered with sliced almonds. We also had the fried Mac 'n' Cheese. Though this is a frozen pre-prepared appetizer, it was high quality, crisp and not greasy.

JustinthymeOn one of my visits I had the special, "The Carpetbagger," a filet mignon stuffed with crabmeat, topped with crumbled gorgonzola, on a bed of mashers. It was a beautiful filet, large, tender and typically lean, but I have one complaint: It was not seared on the outside! It arrived properly cooked (I ordered it medium) but it was grey. The juices pouring out of the meat (which would not have happened if it had been seared) rendered the bed of mashed potatoes wet and thin. I know they are capable of searing their steaks, because on several visits companions ordered the Charbroiled Filet and the New York Strip. Both were tantalizingly crusty; seared on the outside, juicy and cooked to order on the inside. I understand that they have to be careful with the crabmeat stuffing, but, given the $32+ price tag, why not take the time to sear the steak first, stuff it and then bake it off? Oh, well.

Companions ordered the Marlin special--a cool and creative presentation featuring thinly sliced fish with capers and lots of goodies, served with crostini for building your own little Marlin bruschettas. That night, however, the star of the show was the Seafood Alfredo entree, generously loaded with shrimp, scallops and crabmeat.

On our most recent visit, dining cohorts had the Chicken and Shrimp Carciofi (poached in Chardonnay and topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms and capers). Again...lots of nice seafood on the plate, and worth the price. The Seafood Alfredo made a repeat performance, and I had the Filet Tips sandwich from the bar menu. It was just what you would expect: chunks of tender Filet in a light demi-glace (laced with what tasted like a bit of sherry) with shallots and mushrooms. It was accompanied by French Fries (which did not suffer from soaking in that savory demi-glace/sherry). All in all, a tasty, hot sandwich on a crispy French baguette.

Just in Thyme has been here in Rehoboth Beach for a long time and enjoys a loyal following. The seafood dishes (especially those with pasta) appear to be the consistent stars of the show. It's not glitzy in there, but this eatery has stood the test of time and I would feel comfortable taking friends there. Just in Thyme is located at 38363 Robinsons Rd. at the intersection with Rt. 1, just south of the canal on "The Forgotten Mile." They do accept reservations, so give them a call at 302-227-3100. There is no sample menu available online. (L., D., Bar) Price range: Moderate +.